Whether you have a sports tournament or other special event, ImpacTees will help you become more profitable, look more professional, and offer products and services normally not available at most events.

Let us attend your next sports tournament or other special event. Indoors or outdoors, we will set up our booth to design and print t-shirts and other products on-site.

Our services offer a tremendous advantage by helping you reduce costs and make more money. We can offer more designs, custom graphics, and even photo shirts. We help you save money by eliminating the cost of a staff to sell shirts. You also can forget about ending an event with more shirts than you need. With on-site printing, we are able to make only the amount of shirts that are already sold.

In addition to our apparel products, ImpacTees offers photo products produced from action shots taken on-site. With an on-site photographer and specialty products like photo shirts, custom posters, and other specialty photo products, we are sure to make your next event a success.

For more information or to request us at your next event, please email us at or give us a call at 870-715-2483.